Tabu Baladeira Antiperspirant Aerosol

Provides pleasant dry touch and scented intensive protection

How to use

SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply only to the armpits 15 cm away from the skin.


Do not apply it over intimate areas. Shelter your eyes while applying the product. Avoid inhaling it. Use it on well-ventilated areas. Do not use it if the skin is injured or irritated. If any irritation and/or itching occurs at the spot where the product has been applied, stop using it immediately, and seek medical care. External use. Do not ingest it. Attention: Caution. Flammable. Keep the container well-closed in a fresh, ventilated, and dry place. Never dispose of the container on fire or incinerator. Do not spray it close to fire, hot surfaces or incandescent bodies. Do not smoke. Do not expose it to direct sunrays or temperatures higher than 50°C. Content under pressure: it may explode if heated. Do not leave the aerosol can inside a motor vehicle: risk of leak and explosion. Even when emptied, the container must not be punctured. Container reuse is prohibited.


Harmless to the ozone layer. Does not contain CFC